Apple iOS 15.2 update released: Check out all the new features

Apple has now begun rolling out its new iOS 15.2 update. The new update brings a number of new features and fixes including a Digital Legacy program, App Privacy report and fixes for the iPhone 13 Pro’s Macro Mode. The update also brings new child protection features. Here’s all you need to know about the iOS 15.2 update.

App Privacy report

A new App Privacy report feature in iOS 15.2 lets iOS users see how apps access their location, camera, microphone and other sensitive data and how often they access them. The report will show usage patterns from the last seven days.

Legacy Contact feature

The Apple Legacy Contact feature is an important feature that takes care of a user’s iCloud data after they pass away. The feature will allow you to assign people as your Legacy Contacts and these selected people will be able to access your personal information as well all your iCloud data after you pass away.

Communication Safety for iMessage

To provide better security to underage users, the new communication safety feature lets parents turn on warnings for children when they send/receive photos with nudity. You can read more about the feature here.

Apple Music Voice plan

The iOS 15.2 update also adds support for the Apple Music Voice Plan, allowing all users access to songs, playlists and more in Apple Music. Users can then use Siri to play a song or suggest music based on your listening history.

Macro mode for iPhone 13

The Apple iOS 15.2 update brings a new Macro photo control that will let users switch to Ultra Wide lens to capture macro photos and videos. This can be enabled in Settings on the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, older iPhones will not get the feature.

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