Battlegrounds Mobile India hints at Spider-Man: No Way Home partnership

Battlegrounds Mobile India, the country’s variant of the popular shooting battle royal title PUBG Mobile, is known to partner with ongoing blockbuster movies to bring exclusive gameplay modes, skins and more elements to the game during the movie’s release dates.

Now, the game could soon be partnering with Marvel’s last movie of the year, Spider-Man: No Way Home. Krafton recently shared a post on Instagram where the publisher said “Watch out! Something BIG is on its way to the Battlegrounds!”

In the post we can also see a signature level 3 helmet held in place by a number of webs, similar to the ones Spider-Man uses in his movies to swing around and attack enemies.

A previous post by Krafton also encourages Battlegrounds Mobile India users to “Catch the multiverse action in theatres near you and watch out for the awesome collaboration!” Check it out below.

We don’t know for sure what the collaboration will bring to the game but fans are expecting Spider-Man suits as skins or a new gameplay mode, similar to the one seen when Godzilla vs Kong was launched. More details on the same are expected to be made official by Krafton soon.

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s last partnership with popular media was with League of Legends as the game brought the Arcane Mirror World game mode to its Erangel, Livik and Sanhok maps. Players could also play as one of the four Arcane characters – Caitlyn, Jayce, Jinx, or Vi. Apart from the game mode, players also received special rewards as part of the crossover, something we expect again with the Spider-M,an: No Way Home crossover.

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