Bitcoin Mining in the New Era

Individuals with a high level of technical expertise have dominated crypto mining for the most part for many years. Although the crypto mining industry has grown tremendously in recent years, it has done very little to encourage the general public to get involved. AsicWay, on the other hand, has brought about a fundamental shift in the industry. Crypto mining has never been easier or more rewarding than it is now thanks to three ground-breaking products from this forward-thinking crypto start-up. Finally, there is no need to be an experienced miner or a tech wizard to use these powerful mining machines.

AsicWay’s miners are also extremely profitable, which sets it apart from other players in the mining market. It has been found that most crypto miners take a long time to recoup their initial investment. AsicWay’s miners, on the other hand, promise a return on investment of 100% in less than a month. Because no other mining hardware can offer what AsicWay can, bitcoin mining has never been the same since 2009. Many in the crypto community believe that AsicWay’s launch has set the stage for the next major shift in the market.

If you’ve been surprised by what you’ve heard so far about AsicWay, brace yourself for even more surprises. AsicWay currently offers three products: AW1, AW2, and AW PRO. All of these miners are based on the most recent ASIC design. Their enormous hash power is immediately noticeable when you look at the features of these products. Hash power, the most important feature of crypto miners, directly affects the likelihood of a miner finding a block and receiving a reward. AsicWay’s hash rate is rumored to be the highest ever seen in the cryptocurrency industry. These miners consume very little electricity, making them even more profitable for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. They are incredibly cost-effective because of these two key factors, which translates into a high-profit margin.

A quick look at the AsicWay miners’ hash rates

 BTC (TH/s) LTC (GH/s) ETH (GH/s) XMR (MH/s) Power Consumption (W)

AW1          380               40                   2.5                3                        650

AW2          610               64                    4                  5                        850

AW PRO   1950             200                13                 16                      2200

After a group of tech pioneers and visionaries set out to level the playing field in crypto mining, AsicWay was born. The company has made every effort to make mining as simple as possible by removing all technological barriers. This has resulted in many novice miners making investments in AsicWay mining rigs, as well as those who have previously mined cryptocurrency.

AsicWay’s miners come pre-configured, saving customers time and frustration. The first step is to connect the miner to a power outlet, even if you find these things difficult. Due to the difficulty of joining a mining pool for newcomers, AsicWay has made its own mining pool available to all users free of charge. Additionally, these miners only require 10 KB/s of data transfer speed to operate. AsicWay provides its customers with free delivery and customs fees in order to maximise their profit margins.

AsicWay has quickly risen to prominence in the industry despite its relative youth. There are already tens of thousands of crypto enthusiasts using AsicWay miners, and that number is only going to grow. It is possible that these mining rigs will play an important role in mainstreaming cryptocurrencies in the not-too-distant future.

The cryptocurrency industry has experienced many ups and downs since its inception. Currently, the mining industry is at the beginning of a new era thanks to AsicWay miners. Visit if you’d like to get in on the action.

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