How to Print From Mobile Without wifi Printer – Print from Phone via USB

Hello guys, In this article, we will know How to print from mobile without a wifi printer.

Sometimes it happens that your laptop or computer is not charged and at that time you have to print something.

Then you have a problem in doing printouts. So, in these cases, you can print from an android phone easily.

But if you have a printer that is without wifi, then it creates a problem to print from mobile.

You think that you can’t get printed out from your smartphone phone in a non-wifi printer without a wifi or Bluetooth printer. But don’t worry.

If you have a normal printer, then also you can able to take printouts from your mobile.

So, I am going to tell you how to print from android mobile via USB cables to a normal printer.

But the question arises in your mind How to connect USB cable in mobile to print out from android mobile?

The answer is, you can connect easily USB through an OTG cable on your mobile.

As I told that there are many methods to make a printout from your smart mobile. They are through Wifi, Bluetooth, and USB cable.

But the wifi and Bluetooth method can be used only if there is wifi or a Bluetooth printer. This type of printer is known as a smart printer.

All the Normal and smart printers have USB cable options to connect the USB port of your laptop or computer.

So, the USB method can be applied to print files from any normal printer through the help of mobile.

This is the best method. So, everyone can connect the printer to mobile using USB and can print from mobile without a wifi printer.

How to print from mobile without wifi printer via USB ?

You can easily able to print from the android phone via USB cable and OTG cable. When you buy a new printer device,  you get a USB AB cable.

The cable of the printer is as exact as a USB cable. You may have seen a cable of the printer which is one side as same as USB and the other side there is another shape to put in the printer.

You know that to print from your computer, you have to install the software on PC according to the brand of printer.

Suppose, if you have the printer of HP, then you have to download & install the driver and official software of hp.

In the same way, you have to also install the software on mobile also to print out according to the brand of printer.

 Important:- If you want to print from all brands of printer in only one app without installing the printer brand`s official print service app.

Then there is one application. This I will tell in the last method.

So, let`s know brand-wise how to print from mobile without a wifi printer.

1. How to print from mobile to hp printer without wifi ?

HP Printer has the service to print from mobile and it has its official app that is the” HP print service plugin app”.

All the procedures in easy steps I have mentioned below that how to print mobile to hp printer?

  • Download and install on your android phone hp printer drivers that is hp printer service plugin app from playstore.
  • Now, keep ready your hp printer and by connecting otg cable also. So connect cable of printer to your mobile through otg.
  • As you will connect, one pop-up message will come in which it will ask to choose default. so, tick check box and click ok.
  • Now, your mobile is ready to print anything.
  • For example:- if you want to print any document. open the document and click to three dot option. click to print option.
  • Now, choose HP printer service plugin by clicking arrow.
  • click to paper size to adjust for printing.
  • select the size of your paper by clicking paper size.
  • select orientation – portrait or landscape.
  • choose the color in which color you want to take print out.
  • Now, click to printer logo. As you will click that your hp printer will start printing.

All the procedures in easy steps I have mentioned above and with the help of images, you have understood that how to print mobile to hp printer without wifi ?

How to print from mobile to canon printer without wifi via USB Cable ?

So by installing other applications in android mobile, you can easily able to print from phone to canon printer without wifi.

So, let`s know how to print from mobile without a wifi printer.

  1. Go to play store from android phone and install “Noko Print – Wireless and USB printing” application.
  2. Open the application in your android mobile.
  3. Connect printer USB cable to OTG Cable and then connect OTG Cable to your Android phone.
  4. As you connect OTG cable to android, you get one pop-up notification. So, just click to “OK” option.
  5. Automatically that app will detect series of your cannon printer.
  6. So, click the model or series of your cannon printer, which automatically comes under that app.
  7. Now, you get one notification which will be written as “printer has been installed successfully“.
  8. Click to “ok” then you will come to front/home pages.
  9. In the home page, you will see many options which you can print out such as photos & images, Document and Web pages.
  10. For example, if you have to print out any images from android phone, then click to “photo & images” option.
  11. Select the photos or images which you want to print out.   

Print setting to print from mobile to canon printer via USB Cable – 

After selecting images or documents, you can set the print setting according to your need. So for the print setting, click the “Letter/Normal” option.

Copies:- Select the number of copies wanted on each page.

Pages:- Under this many options will be available such as All, odd, Even, selected, Range, and print in reverse order.

Size and layout options:-

  • Images per pages – Select single or multiple option.*
  • Images size – Select original size, Full size and according to your own size as you want.
  • Image Scaling – Select according to your wish. Option will be available such as Crop to frame, Fit to frame and Fill frame.
  • Paper orientation :- You can choose such as Auto, portrait and landscape.
  • Position :- Select the position where you want to keep that images in paper such as Center, Top left, Bottom right, Top right, bottom left.
  • Margin :- Small, normal and large option.

After setting the print setting, you can make a printout. So, follow the next steps.

12. Click to “Print” option to print.

Canon printer provides its official canon mobile printing app for android print service plugin but only It enables us to print using wifi, not the USB cable.

It means to say that it doesn`t allow via USB cable in mobile to print.

If you have a WIfi function of canon printer then you can easily able to print from canon printer to mobile.

But if you have a normal printer then you are looking for ‘how to connect canon printer to mobile via USB“.  So, follow the above steps.

How to connect mobile to epson printer ?

Epson printer provides us an official application from the Epson brand which allows us to make a print from mobile to Epson printer without wifi via USB and OTG.

So, follow the following steps to print from mobile to Epson printer without wifi:-

  1. Download & install Epson iprint official app from google play store.
  2. Open epson iprint app and click to agree and then again click to ok. Now, you will be entered in home page of app.
  3. Connect USB cable to Android phone through OTG Cable.
  4. As you insert cable, you will get notification. So, just click to ok button.
  5. Tap to “Printer is not selected” option.
  6. Click to next option and then tap “allow all the time” and then again click to ok.
  7. Now, it will take a few second to search the model or series of your Epson non- wifi printer.
  8. Tap to the series of your epson printer.
  9. Now, your android mobile is connected to Epson printer successfully.
  10. In the home page of app you can see many options such as print photos, print document, print from cloud, Scan, Document capture. So, according to your need click any option.
  11. For example, if you want to print any documents then click to print documents option.
  12. Select the document which you want to print and tap to next.
  13. Click to print option and then the soft copy document will be converted to hard copy from printer.

How to print without wifi canon and epson printer from android phone via USB and print share app?

Connect OTG to the USB cable of the printer device. So, after connecting this, you can connect your OTG to your Android mobile.

But to print your files such as photos or some document which you want, you need an app that is Printer share apps.

The important thing about the Printer share app is that it allows connecting any brand of printer to your android phone.

Whether it is HP, Epson, Canon, Samsung printer, etc.

All the points are given below to print out from android phone via OTG cable and printer share app.

Remember: You have to download two app. one is the print share app which is free and another is the Printer Share Premium Key app which is paid but you can install it for free through aptoide app.

Just install aptoide app from the browser and open it. search there Printer Share Premium Key app and install it for free.

Step by step how to print from mobile without wifi printer ?

I have told above that there is one app that allows us to print out from all brands of printers through mobile.

Yes, the name of the app is the printer share app which helps to make printouts of all brands of printer.

The printer share app is officially paid app if you download it from the play store.

So, you have to pay a charge to use the share printer app to print from mobile without a wi-fi printer in any brand of normal printer.

  • Download printer share app and Printer share premium key app. (you can install both from playstore but if you don`t want to invest money, you can download in free as i have mentioned above.)
  • Now, connect printer cable (USB AB) to printer and android phone with the help of OTG cable. Also keep your printer switch on.
  •  open print share app in your mobile. As you will connect cable,  your printer device will be selected automatically.
  • click to select.
  • Now. there will come option to select the method that by which method you want to connect. so, select Direct USB connected.
  • Now, you can print whatever  files you want to print. In the homepage there will be the option of pictures, contacts, calender, webpages, messages, call log, gmail, google drive, document.
  • if you want to print images, click to picture option.
  • select your photo which you want to print from printer.
  • Now, there will be display two button and the images you have selected. if you want to do some changes, you can do by clicking options button. Here you will get many option to change related print such as picture size, scaling, align, margin , orientation.
  • To print your file, click to print button.

Here is the solution of ”how to print from android phone to canon printer via USB” and ”how to connect Epson l380 printer to mobile”.

As you will click the print button, your printer machine will start printing your document.

FAQ on How to Print from non-wifi printer to Android phone ?

How can I print from my phone to my printer without WiFi? How do I connect my Android phone to a wired printer?

You can easily able to print from your android phone to your non-wifi printer with a USB Cable. Through the help of USB & OTG Cable and Software, can be printed from mobile. The application you will need to install in your android phone according to the brand of printer. So, follow the steps which are given above.

Does my printer need WiFi to print from mobile?

No, your printer does not need wifi to print from mobile. If your printer does not have wifi service, then also it is possible to print from the phone. It`s possible through USB and OTG cable by connecting printer to mobile.

How do I connect my Canon printer to my phone without WiFi? How do I print from my phone to my Canon printer without WIFI?

Yes, you can connect your Canon printer to your smartphone without wifi to take a printout. For this, you will require a “Noko Print – wireless and USB Printing” app. All the detailed information is given above.

How do I print directly from my phone? 

It is possible to print directly from your phone. But it depends on the brand of printer and whether a printer is a non-wifi or Smart printer. If the printer is non-wifi then you will connect your phone via USB & OTG. And if you have a wifi printer, then no need to use any wire. It can be done wirelessly. Follow the above steps which are mentioned above.

Can you print from your phone to a printer without WiFi?

Yes, you can easily print from your phone to a printer without wifi via USB Cable, OTG, and apps. Follow the steps which I have mentioned above, step by step.

How do I get my HP printer to print without WIFI?

Yes, you can get print from HP printer to phone without. You will need to install the “HP print service Plugin” application and connect the Printer USB to OTG and then to mobile. All the steps are mentioned above, so you can know the information in detail step by step.

How do I print from my phone to my Epson printer without WIFI?

You can easily print from phone to Epson printer without WIFI. Just by installing the “Epson i-Print” application and by connecting Epson USB Cable to an Android phone. Go through the points & steps which are mentioned above in detail.

Do wireless printers need WiFi?

You can print via USB Cable or WIFI in a wireless smart printer. So, if you don`t have a WIFI, then also you can print it out via USB cable. Every smart or wireless printer has a system to print through wire and wireless also.  It is not mandatory for wifi in a wireless printer.

How do I find the wifi password for my HP printer?

When you buy a new WIFI printer f any brand, you get user manual guide notes. The password of your WIFI printer is available in the user manual guide. Just look at that copy and you will get the password and model name of the printer that will be shown while connecting to the printer.

Conclusion on how to print from mobile without wifi printer

Hence, I hope that this article is useful to you and you have got the solution of  ”how to print from mobile without wifi printer via USB”.

After reading this article, you will not require the time laptop/computer to make a print out any images or documents.

Just by connecting data cable from the printer to mobile, also your work will be faster.

Also, I have mentioned Frequently asked questions (FAQ) which many of them asked.

If you have any queries then you can comment or contact me by visiting the contact us page. I will try my best to reply to your query.

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