iPhone users can now use Google Fit to measure heart rate, respiratory rate

Google Fit can use the device’s camera sensor to track heart rate and respiratory rate on Pixel devices. However, the feature is now reportedly coming to iOS devices. As per a new report by 9to5Google, Google Fit is now adding the same capabilities on iOS, allowing iPhones get the feature as well.

With the addition, iPhone users will be able to use the rear camera on their device to measure heart rate as well as respiratory rate. The feature will also work when the smartphone doesn’t have an active internet connection.

How it works?

When users place their finger on the rear camera sensor of the device and apply slight pressure, Google fit can track the incoming light in the sensor to gauge the heart rate. Users can also place their hand in front of a light source and allow Google Fit to measure their heartbeat by tracking “subtle changes in the colour of your fingers.”

The process takes about 30 seconds and will show users a graph with beats per minute. Once measurements are taken, users can choose to save the vitals to Google Fit or not. The accuracy of the process is determined by Google Fit’s algorithms which also account for factors like age and skin tone.

Coming to the respiratory rate measuring feature that works by tracking a user’s breath when they keep the phone steady in front of them with the torso visible in the app’s display. On-screen prompts in the app will guide users when they need to hold still. The subtle chest movements when you breath will be detected and the app will have your breath rate.

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