Jio launches its own streaming platform called ‘JioGamesWatch’

Reliance Jio today launched the JioGamesWatch platform, taking its first step into the gaming industry. Catering to developers, gamers and publishers alike, it will enable users to stream gaming content from any Android and iOS device as well as directly from their set-top box.

Similar to Twitch, JioGamesWatch will offer game-streaming in an easy-to-use, convenient way. “The platform has set its sights on empowering and enabling creators to go live, with any device, under low Latency, and showcase the best of their content to millions of viewers,” Jio said in a press release.

JioGamesWatch will support cross-platform availability and users with the JioGames app will be able to stream directly on their Android or iOS smartphone as well as a Jio set-top-box.

Users will be able to subscribe to their favourite content creators and never miss an update. Meanwhile, creators will be able to engage with viewers through eSports events.  Mobile users will also be able to stream content in FHD and HD resolutions.

To take on competitors, Jio has decided to keep JioGamesWatch free. They have also shared resources and tutorials for those wanting to go live on the platform, alongside ideal streaming settings.

How to watch game streams on JioGamesWatch on your phone

To get started with the service, simply go to the Google Play Store on Android devices (Apple App Store on iOS devices) and search for the JioGames app. Download and install the app and sign in with your Jio number. Once on the main screen, tap on the ‘Watch’ tab on the bottom panel to go to the JioGamesWatch panel. Here, you will be able to find the stream of your choice and enjoy watching it.

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