Shopping for Christmas Gifts? Check out these OnePlus IoT Products

With Christmas just around the corner, we are pretty sure everyone’s gift list is just getting
bigger and bigger. But buying so many gifts can be quite confusing and if that is the case for you too, we can help you with some Never Settling ideas.

Tech products make for great gifting options, for techies and non-techies alike and if those tech products come from a brand like OnePlus, they are sure to be the talk of the party. We know that OnePlus bosses the smartphone world but in case you didn’t know, the brand also offers a range of incredible IoT products that are just as impressive. So if you are looking for an ideal Christmas gift for your friends and family, these products from OnePlus would be an absolute hit:

OnePlus Buds Pro: for the audiophiles

Looking for the perfect gift for that audiophile in the family? Well, with OnePlus Buds Pro around, you can now put an end to that search. The OnePlus Buds Pro comes with 11mm drivers tuned to churn out some really banging audio. The buds are equipped with not only great sound but the audio profile is paired with just the right amount of bass that is more than enough to impress the bass fanatics but will not overpower the mids and the lows. It has the same performance level in the call department.

The brilliant audio output is paired with a precise fit, making them the perfect bud-dies for living an active, wire-free lifestyle, plus the IPX 4 rating makes them sweat and water-resistant, allowing you to be the best version of yourself without thinking twice. To make sure the fit is the right fit for you, OnePlus has also added an option to check the fit of the buds on your phone.

OnePlus Buds Pro.

The OnePlus Buds Pro is truly pro as they come with smart adaptive noise cancellation which makes sure that you can enjoy your music even in the noisiest environments. One can even curate their own customized audio profile and listen to music the way they like. The buds can comfortably last for seven hours on a single charge while the case can add a massive 38 hours of listening experience on a single charge. All of this topped with a seamless and truly wireless pairing process makes the OnePlus Buds Pro the Pros of the TWS world.

OnePlus Buds Z: for those who like to keep up with all things trendy

They are one of the most popular TWS in the market and it is no surprise that they come from the house of OnePlus. With the right quotient of style and substance, the OnePlus Buds Z are the TWS buds that will help you stand out from the basic crowd.

The seashells-inspired design with CD-like patterns on the head of the buds make them the most distinct-looking earbuds present in the market. They come in the regular white and grey options but if you want to take the already high, ‘stand out’ factor to another level, you can also opt for the Steven Harrington edition of the buds that come with really cool doodles from the popular Los Angeles designer.

OnePlus Buds Z

The audio on the OnePlus Buds Z will get you buzzing thanks to all that bass that the buds bring to the table and before you know it, you will have head-bang urges with that bombastic output. One-click pairing and connecting make them an absolute treat to use and the compact size of the case helps you carry them around effortlessly.

The buds are blessed with five hours worth of battery life on a single charge while the case can give you twenty hours of battery life on a single charge. To make them the perfect gym earbuds, OnePlus has added an IP55 rating which brings sweat and water resistance, making them ideal for even the most intense workout sessions.

OnePlus Watch/ Harry Potter limited edition: for those who are Potterheads and those who are not

While the market is flooding with smartwatches, getting a smartwatch that is stylish, smart, and comes with serious substance can be a rare sighting. But with a Never Settling brand in the industry, even the rarest sightings become routine and that is exactly what OnePlus has done when it comes to the OnePlus Watch.

The OnePlus Watch is all things smart, stylish, and substantial packed in one. It comes with a beautiful 1.39 inch AMOLED display which looks just as stunning as the ones that OnePlus is famous for on its phones. There are two variants of the watch— the Classic which comes with a striking stainless steel body and Fluoroelastomer strap and there is a Cobalt edition which comes with a league apart cobalt alloy body paired with vegan leather (because style can be cruelty-free) and a butterfly buckle.

OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Edition.

All that substance we were talking about comes in the form of a number of sensors that can literally detect everything— from steps to your exercise time or your hours of sleep. But that’s not all, what really makes this watch smarter than the rest are the heart rate and blood oxygen sensor that come built-in with it. This makes the watch not only able but also essential.

Considering the really uncertain times that we live in, having a blood oxygen sensor and heart rate sensor on your wrist at all times can be life-saving, quite literally.

Apart from these features, you can use the watch to carry out routine smart tasks like answering phone calls, reading notifications, and controlling music.

Now imagine all this same spec and feature goodness only packed in a special Harry Potter limited edition packaging. Yes, you read it right. Pairing with cool brands is OnePlus’ thing and for the OnePlus Watch, OnePlus has brought the world of wizardry to its watch. For the wizard in the family whose hearts broke when they did not get their letter to Hogwarts, you can get them their very own OnePlus Watch Harry Potter limited edition, giving them magical power right on their wrist.

What makes the watch special are its looks. It comes with a unique copper frame that channels the right Harry Potter vibes and with the Hogwarts’ logo embossed band completing its look, it will be next to impossible to pass people without making them turn their heads. There is also a lot of Harry Potter-ness on the inside. The special edition watch comes with icons and wallpapers inspired from the magical series and you will see a wand appear on the screen when you charge it. Just how wizard-ish is that?

OnePlus Band: for the ones that like all things minimal and efficient

For those around you who like to keep things minimal yet efficient, you can pick up the OnePlus Band. The fitness tracker comes with a 1.1 inch, always-on AMOLED display and because the tracker comes from OnePlus, the display is not only beautiful but so bright that one can comfortably read on it even under the harshest of lights. It is loaded with sensors like blood oxygen, sleep and heart rate which can help you monitor your health at all times. But what makes it a great fitness tracker is the fact that the band supports 13 different exercise modes which means the band will read your fitness data more accurately depending on the kind of exercise mode you have selected.

The OnePlus Band is quite handy as well (pun intended). It allows you to control music, manage calls and even control your smartphone’s camera. How efficient is that? It is minimalistic, stylish, and light. Topping this is toughness as it comes with dust and water resistance, making it just the perfect fitness companion. For those who like making a statement with their tech, you can choose the Steven Harrington edition of the band which will definitely stand out amongst the basic band crowd.

The OnePlus Powerbank.

OnePlus Power Bank: for those always low on charge

We all know at least one person who is always running out of charge. Whether it is their phones, smartwatches or earbuds, or life in general, they never seem to have enough juice to keep things running all night long. While we cannot suggest anything for their lives, one can certainly fix the battery issue for their gadgets with a OnePlus product that can be truly (gadget) life-saving.

We are talking about the OnePlus Power Bank. It packs a massive 10,000 mAh lithium-polymer battery which is more than enough to charge not only smartphones but can take good care of a tablet as well and everything in between like a smartwatch or TWS are merely a walk-in the park for this battery beast.

It may be heavy on the mAhs but is certainly not heavy in weight and weighs only 225 grams, making it super portable. It comes in two colour options— black with a carbon fiber pattern and green, both of which look extremely stylish.

The OnePlus Power Bank is very efficient too. It comes with dual USB ports which allow you to charge two devices simultaneously without compromising on speed. It comes from the lords of fast charging and the family of Warp Charge and offers a speedy 18W Power Delivery Charge, swiftly charging all your gadgets. Making all this power safe to use are multiple built-in safeguards and 12 layers of circuit protection— making it not only powerful and stylish but also safe.

Some amazing offers to further sweeten the gift shopping experience

What’s more, there are a number of deals available on number of these OnePlus products as well. You can get the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Edition at a discount of Rs 1,000 on transactions via ICICI Bank and Kotak Bank Debit and Credit Card on, OnePlus Store App, and OnePlus Experience stores.  The OnePlus Buds Pro and OnePlus Watch also get a discount of Rs 1000 purchased through an ICICI bank and Kotak Bank Debit and Credit Card on, OnePlus Store App,, OnePlus Experience Stores and partner stores.

The ICICI bank offers are available till 31 December 2021, while the Kotak Bank ones will last till 31 January 2022. OnePlus customers getting the OnePlus Buds on can get an instant discount of Rs 991, while the Steven Harrington special edition of the OnePlus Band comes with an instant discount of Rs 300 on, OnePlus Store App,, and OnePlus Experience Stores as well as partner stores.

The OnePlus Power Bank is available at a discount of Rs 200 on, OnePlus Store App and There is also an instant discount of Rs 200 on OnePlus’ Type C headphones on and the  OnePlus Store App, and  OnePlus accessories such as mobile cases, covers, and adapters are available at discounts ranging from 20 per cent to 70 per cent, exclusively on and OnePlus Store App.

A one-year Red Cable Care membership is up for grabs at Rs 999 after a discount of Rs 500, as part of a special anniversary offer. Last but not least, all transactions made on and OnePlus Store App via American Express Cards for order values below Rs 40,000, stand to receive a 5 per cent discount, until 31 December 2021.

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