Sony PlayStation 5 stock on Flipkart: How to pre-book the PS5 today

Sony PlayStation 5: Sony PS5 units are coming soon to Flipkart. More stock for the popular Sony console is set to arrive on the ecommerce platform in both its disc and digital variants later today. Flipkart has already listed both variants of the console as ‘coming soon’.

Weirdly enough, the PS5 listings are only visible on the Flipkart app as of writing this story, and don’t show up on browsers. Regardless, the stock refresh is sure to get gamers across the country excited.

Even two years after its official launch, the Sony PS5 remains an elusive console for most interested buyers. With very high demand and equally low stock pretty much everywhere in the world for most of the last two years, the PS5 was available to purchase from some retailers in India, but finding one in stock was practically impossible.

It remains to be seen if the stock refresh on Flipkart could change the console’s availability issues, although in all honesty, that seems very unlikely.

As per a Flipkart banner dedicated to the console captured by a Twitter user (above), Flipkart is set to begin the pre-booking for the console starting 12pm today. However, with the demand for the console still pretty high, expect the pre-booking phase to end in a few seconds or less, and that’ is if the exercise doesn’t crash Flipkart’s servers first.

The console is also coming with a bundled game – Astro’s Playroom, on both the disc and digital editions. The price of both consoles is also the same for now, after some reports of a hike surfaced a few weeks ago. The digital edition is set for Rs 39,990, while the disc edition is priced at Rs 49,999.

If you’ll be trying to grab the console for yourself at 12pm today, make sure to login at least a few minutes before, make sure any address and card details are already added so that you can have a swift transaction experience. These factors certainly will not guarantee you bagging a PS5, but may just ever-so-slightly tip the chances in your favour.

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