An Adorable German Shepherd Puppy's Ear Flop Melts Hearts

Reddit users have fallen in love with an adorable dog after a picture of him went viral

GentifriesGuy posted a picture of their German shepherd puppy Dexter on the popular Reddit forum r/Eyebleach

The post, which was shared with the caption "Can't resist the ear flop," has received over 27,000 likes and upvotes, proving how popular it is on the internet

While the name r/Eyebleach might not imply anything positive, the subreddit has over 3.3 million members and is full of adorable images

And videos to "cleanse" your eyes with—especially if you've recently seen something less wholesome

Redditors will be delighted by the cute puppy's floppy ears, which are a big hit with the community

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