Back in the USSR: a look at life in the Soviet Union

The Union of Socialist Soviet Republics existed from 1922 to 1991. For better or for worse, the Soviet Union is still a source of fascination for many.

The Soviet Union, during its almost 70 years of existence, took a backward, quasi-feudal realm ruled by an autocratic tsar and turned it into a modern, global superpower rivalled by the United States.

The Soviet Union was formed in a time of political turmoil. Tsar Nicholas II, the absolutist ruler of the Russian Empire

The Russian Civil War defined the early years of the Soviet Union. The newly-formed Red Army quickly became legendary while fighting the White Army, made up by supporters of the tsar.

Even if the Soviet Union is no more, the pageantry and imagery of the Red Army still linger in Russian military parades and events, particularly during World War II commemorations.

Political instability marked the early years of the Soviet Union, as the party leaders struggled to define how the world’s first socialist state should be.

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