One of Big Bang Theory's Biggest Plot Holes Has Finally Been Cleaned Up by Young Sheldon

As the protagonist of "Young Sheldon," Sheldon Cooper has remained a mainstay of cable television while Jim Parsons has mostly retired from his longtime "Big Bang Theory" role.

Sheldon is now played by Iain Armitage, whose debut performance as the character moved Parsons deeply.

Despite the fact that Armitage is a standout on "Young Sheldon," viewers have grown weary of the show's other flaws over time.

Inconsistencies between "Young Sheldon" and "The Big Bang Theory" have been spotted by some viewers due to the fact that the two shows take place at different points in time.

While driving to a shopping mall in a Season 3 episode of "Young Herman," Sheldon shows off his preparedness for an emergency situation by carrying a whistle in case he needs it.

Some viewers have pointed out that the character of Paige (Mckenna Grace) in Sheldon's life on "Young Sheldon" is inconsistent.

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