Funny video shows Pit Bull being terrified by a tiny Pomeranian pup

One of two things can happen when you introduce a new family member to your pet.

Either they become best friends right away, or the older sibling's jealousy takes over and the peace in the home is thrown out the window.

Pit Bull and fluff ball are shown running away from each other in the hilarious video, which has received over 294.9K views and 48.2K likes as of this writing.

According to what you'll see in the video, "Our 1-year-old American Bulldog is frightened by our new Pomeranian.

He's not interested in talking to him." The Pit bull won't even come into the house because he doesn't want to see the puppy.

Although we don't want to, we have to laugh at how terrified he is. It's impossible not to laugh when you see a large dog fleeing from a small one so quickly!

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