How would a nuclear war between the US and Russia play out?

Vladimir Putin has reminded Europe during the Ukrainian crisis that Russia is still a nuclear superpower.

The Princeton University Science & Global Security Program made a simulation in 2019 of how a thermonuclear confrontation between Russia and the United States would unfold.

According to the Princeton simulation, Russia would attack first with approximately 300 nuclear warheads and short-range missiles, striking NATO bases and troops.

NATO and Russia, following the scenario elaborated by Princeton University, would launch attacks on important economic and population centers to hamper the other side's recovery.

Five to ten nuclear warheads would be used for each city. Thermonuclear warfare would kill 85.3 million people in 45 minutes.

The study estimates that, in total, a nuclear war would immediately affect 91.5 million people, which would cause 34.1 million deaths and 57.4 million wounded within the first four or five hours.

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