Pastrami vs. Corned Beef: What’s the Difference?

When you think of pastrami or corned beef, you likely envision colossal Reuben sandwiches from your favorite deli

Savory brunch dishes and heirloom family meals like corned beef and cabbage. But is there a difference between pastrami vs. corned beef?

Both are cured with salt and spices, though there are some subtle differences between pastrami and corned beef that make each one ideal for certain meals.

Traditional pastrami is made with the naval end of the beef brisket. This portion has a high fat content, which adds a ton of flavor and keeps the beef juicy and moist during its long cooking time.

Making pastrami is a lengthy process, but it's worth the effort. First, a curing brine is made with salt, sugar, pink salt (a salt containing sodium nitrite to keep the meat pink as it cooks)

After three to five days (depending on the thickness), the meat is removed from the brine, rinsed well under cold water and patted dry. It's best to let the cured meat rest, uncovered

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