Research Shows This Terrifying Adverse Effect of Marijuana

Research Shows This Terrifying Adverse Effect of MarijuanaThere is still much to learn about marijuana's safety and effectiveness, but doctors are warning of serious side effects. 

First, a long-term brain change.
Marijuana use may alter the brains of adolescents even if they only use it occasionally, according to new research.

Dysfunction with erectile function
ED is twice as common in men who use marijuana as it is in men who don't use it, according to research.

Changes in one's personality
Doctors caution that regular marijuana use can lead to negative personality changes.

4. Heart and Lung Problems
Evidence suggests that cannabis has detrimental effects on heart health and conditions.

Complications of a Stroke
Experts say that marijuana use can cause stroke-related complications. In the event of a ruptured aneurysm or a bleeding stroke, everyone is at risk.

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