Twitter Circle rolling out to everyone: What is the new feature, how to use it

Twitter Circle is the microblogging platform’s latest feature which is now set to roll out to all Twitter users. After being in beta testing for a while, Twitter Circles will soon be available for every Twitter users to use. Here’s everything you need to know about Twitter Circle and how you can use it for yourself.

What is the Twitter Circle feature?

If you use Instagram, Twitter Circle is quite similar to the ‘Close Friends’ option on the Meta-owned social media platform. If not, know that the Twitter Circle feature lets you tweet to a select group of people, instead of your entire audience.

This can be helpful when you want to tweet something funny, something personal or just something else that you may not want to share with the rest of your audience. The feature will especially be handy for users with a large number of followers as it will help them some tweets between select members.

How will Twitter Circle work?

Users can add up to 150 members to their circle. These members can then be removed and the Circle can be changed endlessly. Twitter will not notify users when they have been removed from a Circle. However, note that people in a Circle will be able to see a badge under tweets that lets them know that the tweet has limited accessibility. The badge will mention that “only people in (@username)’s Twitter Circle can see this tweet.”

Twitter users will be able to choose their audience when creating a tweet. (Express Photo)

When your Circle is set, you can tweet some text or media as you normally would and choose to share it with either your entire audience or only your Circle right from the tweet composer, allowing only the selected members to see that tweet. You will also see an Edit button right there, which allows you to add or remove members from your Circle.

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