Ultrahuman announces wearable smart ring to track metabolism

Ultrahuman has announced its latest wearable: the Ultrahuman Ring. The company says the ring can track users’ metabolism, measure movement, sleep and other body dynamics in real-time. The ring has a minimal form factor, has no screen and will not vibrate. It is rated for 5 days of battery life by the company.

Designed to endure rough unsafe conditions during workouts, the Ring’s outer surface is made from titanium coated with tungsten carbide. It has a smooth inner shell to make it comfortable during sleep and rest. The Ultrahuman ring will track many insights including NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis), sleep efficiency and its effect on glucose metabolism and food’s impact on recovery and performance.

“We have always believed in the power of biomarkers in terms of their ability to make health optimization more efficient. With the Ultrahuman ring and a new suite of metabolic biomarkers, you can now understand not just what’s affecting your glucose metabolism but also how to act on the insights in an efficient way. For eg. You could figure out how much of your glucose metabolism is affected by the lack of sleep vs the food itself. This is a phenomenal leap in the world of biomarkers and allows us to study various factors around human health in a unique and much more impactful way than ever,” said Mohit Kumar, founder and CEO of Superhuman.

The Ultrahuman Ring will be globally available for pre-orders starting July 7 2022 and the company says it will start shipping the devices from August 2022. The company has not yet announced the pricing for the device.

Apart from the Ring, Ultrahuman also sells the M1, a continuous glucose monitoring platform from the country. The Ring can work in combination with M1 to offer greater insights into the users’ bodies and metabolism.

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