Vivaldi, the first browser for Android Automotive OS, debuts on Polestar 2

Vivaldi web browser today announced its dedicated application for Google’s recently launched Android Automotive OS platform. With this roll out, the company claims to be the first to launch a web browser for an android automotive platform.

The Vivaldi web browser arrives in Polestar 2 cars (from the makers of Volvo). For the uninitiated, the inclusion of a full-scale web browser in the car allows people to browse the web as they might on their mobile devices.

The app brings full browser functionality to the 11-inch center display with Android Automotive OS in the car and functions similarly to how it would on a mobile device – with tabbed browsing, streaming ability, online shopping and security measures. The company said that the browser consists a built-in ad blocker, privacy-friendly translation tool, notes function, tracking protection, and encrypted sync functionality.

It should be noted that to ensure safety, the browser can only be used when parked. Streaming content will continue audio-only if driving commences. Some restrictions may apply, for example, files cannot be downloaded.

The company claims that no private browsing data is stored by the car. When logged into a Vivaldi account, browsing data is shared between other devices logged into the same account, however, the data is not shared with Polestar.

The Vivaldi browser for Polestar 2 is now available in all European, North American, and Asia Pacific markets. Vivaldi for Android Automotive OS will receive regular updates alongside its other supported platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android).

Meanwhile, this functionality is currently not available in India but it does open up a lot of opportunities for more car companies.

“We are really proud to introduce our browser to a car for the first time and specifically with a brand like Polestar. Our technological and sustainability ambitions are well aligned. We value transparency, privacy, and responsible innovation – including the fact that we have our servers in Iceland, one of Polestar’s newest markets. Like Polestar, we are a challenger brand, and we take a Scandinavian approach to design, that is based on trust and listening to our users,” said Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, CEO at Vivaldi, in a statement.

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