WhatsApp Communities to allow multiple groups to be linked together

WhatsApp has been reportedly working on a new Communities feature and now, we have our first look at the same. The Communities feature is set to make the app for feature-rich and will allow to link up to 10 groups in a single ‘Community’. The feature has been recently spotted in an iOS beta build and is expected to come to both platforms soon.

With communities, admins of a community will have more control than admins of a group and will be able to do things like deciding who can message on a group and who cannot. Meanwhile, when members will leave a community, they will not be able to view the linked groups either.

As per a report by tipster WABetaInfo, the feature will give Communities their own name and group description. Communities will help better organisation in the app, and will benefit larger groups which may need further sub-groups but still needing a centralised control mechanism for all members.

Check out how the implementation looks on iOS.

Here’s how the WhatsApp Communities feature looks. (Image Source: WABetaInfo)

As per the screenshot, communities will also feature an “Announcement” group where admins can send messages to all members in the various linked groups, similar to how a broadcast works but for the members of the community.

The feature will also be ideal for remote work settings where large teams will now be able to be split into multiple groups but still linked via a single community, or more if needed.

The feature is expected to soon roll out to WhatsApp beta users on iOS and Android, but it could take a while before stable users get to use WhatsApp communities.

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